The Darwin Exhibition

“It is those who know little,
and not those who know much,
who so positively assert that
this or that problem will never be
solved by science.”

The Descent of Man, 1871, Introduction.

The Darwin Exhibition
Contents of the Exhibition
CD-ROM (English version)


On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth and 150th anniversary of the publication of On the Origin of Species, the Institut Charles Darwin International (ICDI) has the pleasure to announce that an English version of its Darwin Exhibition has been produced.

The ICDI was created in Paris in 1998. Patrick Tort had then been supervising for years many projects on Darwin and evolutionism (Dictionnaire du darwinisme et de l'évolution at the Presses Universitaires de France, international conferences « Darwinisme et société » and « Pour Darwin », ongoing publication of Darwin’s complete works in French, etc.). These projects aim at refounding Darwinian studies on an accurate knowledge of the original texts, and shed special light on the anthropological aspects of Darwin’s thought, which have often been ignored or misinterpreted.

The Darwin Exhibition is one of the major products of the Institute's activity. Various types of audiences have seen the exhibition in France since the year 2000, then in Italy. They confirmed its didactic qualities. The Exhibition is intended to be accessible to everyone, but without any compromise on the exactitude of the information it offers about the life, the work and the thought of the author who remains the main reference in modern evolutionary theory. It was at the core of many commemorative events in 2009, especially in Paris.

The English version of the Darwin Exhibition is also available in the form of 45 panels on a CD-ROM to the institutions interested in acquiring it. They will thus be able to determine for themselves the format and the printing mode which is suitable for them.

Resurgent waves of creationism and providentialism have recently been given immense publicity. Such an exhibition coming from within the international scientific community increased the impact of the anniversary year in 2009.

The ICDI therefore has the pleasure to offer you the chance to purchase this CD-ROM, together with the permanent right to display this exhibition as one of the public activities of your institution. All the details required to put an order are specified below.


1. Charles Darwin, 1809-1882
2. Charles Darwin’s Genealogical Tree
3. Childhood
4. Paternal Ancestry
5. Maternal Ancestry
6. The Two Sides of Victorian England
7. Edinburgh
8. Cambridge
9. The Departure
10. The Beagle and Her Captain
11. A Chronology of Darwin’s Voyage
12. The Fossil Mammals
13. Legendary “Finches”
14. The Formation of Coral Reefs
15. The Results of the Voyage
16. Variation, Domestication, Selection
17. With and Against Malthus
18. The Invention of the Theory
19. Artificial Selection and Natural Selection
20. The Decisive Years
21. Darwin’s Sons
22. The Cirripedes
23. A Wise Strategist: Charles Lyell
24. A Fair Rival: Alfred Russel Wallace
25. An Incomparable Friend: Joseph Dalton Hooker
26. An Ambitious Defender: Thomas Henry Huxley
27. The Publication of The Origin of Species
28. 1860: Oxford. The Confrontation
29. An Unfortunate Predecessor: Jean-Baptiste Lamarck
30. A Sociological Deviation: Herbert Spencer
31. An Embarrassing Cousin: Francis Galton
32. Slavery
33 and 33 bis. Faithful Friends and False Disciples
34 and 34 bis. Mimicry
35. The Descent of Man
36. Sexual Dimorphism and Seasonal Variations
37. Sexual Selection, Altruism and Morals
38. The Expression of the Emotions
39. Darwin and Botany
40. Darwin and Religion
41 and 41 bis. The Last Years
42. Credit Titles